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Luria Learning: Classes By and For Teachers!

Luria Learning offers graduate classes for credit through the Heritage Institute through Antioch University.  The classes  are for K-12 teachers and educators who want to learn more, to renew their license and move up the pay scale.

Six reasons to take online classes

  1. Knowledge - stay up to date on what works.
  2. Scheduling - you can finish the assignments when you want.
  3. Convenience - you can finish the first assignment today and already be finished with 10% of the class.
  4. Practical - earn graduate level credits to renew your license.
  5. Advancement - don't lose on the opportunity to make more money and move up the pay scale.
  6. Confidence - learn something new and become a better teacher.

What students say . . .

This is my first online course I have taken from The Heritage Institute.  I found the format and flexibility very appealing.  I also thought the teacher was supportive and thorough.  She responded promptly to my emails and assignments. 
-Wendy S.

You can sign up for a class right now and finish your first assignment by the end of the day. You will already be 10% finished with your class and on your way to earning 3 credits!

1. KIDS WILL LOVE TO READ & WRITE: Easy K-5 Strategies That Work (
Course Number: ED440S)

This course will help your students love reading and writing time. You will learn five easy, research-based strategies that you and they can start using immediately. Do you sometimes feel tired at the end of your reading blocks? Do you feel like you spend as much time helping students stay on task as you actually spend teaching small groups and conferring with individuals?

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Most Popular Course: Saving Time

When I enrolled in the Saving Time Course I hoped to find some practical tricks and tips for time avoiding wastes of time. What I ended up learning was not magical, but it was very helpful. I ended up learning a whole new way to conceptualize time.                          -Jed W.

Sign up today and find out why this is my most popular class.

2. Saving Time: Time Management for Your Teaching & Your Life (Course Number: ED440S)

Wonder where all of your time goes? Overwhelmed by everything on your school to-do list? In the course you will learn to work 'smarter not harder.' With simple strategies every K-12 teacher can use during planning time and at home, you will live a more balanced life, tackle your to-do list, and feel in control and satisfied at the end of each day.

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Get the discount today

You can sign up for the writing class right now for $255 (normally $285) and complete your first assignment tonight. You'll be finished with 10% of the class in just one day!

Payment is accepted online with a credit card. You can also pay with a check, credit card or purchase order by calling HOL at 1-800-445-1305.

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3. WRITING AND EDITING MADE EASY: Strategies For All Writers (Course Number: ED443T)

Do students groan when you say it is time to write, edit and revise? Are you intimidated by grammar and writing conventions, perhaps never having been explicitly taught them in a way that made sense?  Is there never enough time for editing in your writers' workshop? 

This class teaches you to focus and build on what your students are doing right. Instead of targeting student errors, learn how to build on their writing strengths. Use literature and well-written sentences to show students how their sentences can be crafted. Find ways to make editing a daily part of your writing time.

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4. LITERACY CAFE: Easy K-5 Reading Comprehension Strategies (Course Number ED446A)

  • How do you help all students increase their comprehension skills, accuracy, fluency and expand their vocabulary?
  • How do you individualize your instruction for each child?
  • Is that possible, without taking up your precious planning time?

TO REGISTER: CALL THE HERITAGE INSTITUTE AT 1-800-445-1305 (credit card, purchase orders, or checks are accepted) or online at

Alexandra (Sacha) Luria, M.A., has worked as a literacy specialist and owned her own business helping students be  successful with reading. She has been featured on NPR, Disney Radio and in the Oakland Tribune for her helping struggling readers become confident life long readers. She started teaching with Teach For America and now teaches full-time in Oregon. She has a Masters Degree from Western Governors University and is passionate about on-line education. She is very interested in helping teachers be more successful with less stress and believes in working smarter, not harder. 

She is the mother of two children and knows what it is like to balance both work and home life. This is part of why she is passionate about online education and seminars.

She is available as a conference speaker for workshops, retreats, seminars and for general consultation.  Her practical approach includes personal examples and mix both the art of teaching with the science of learning. She blends both theory and real world experience. You will find her presentations to be informative, useful and enjoyable.

Educational Background:

  • Western Governors University, Salt Lake City, UT. 2004-2005 Masters in Elementary Education 
  • Smith College, Northampton, MA1995-1999. BA, Women’s Studies, (Minor, Spanish), May 1999.
  • Universidad de San Francisco, Ecuador, Smith College study abroad program. 1997-1998.

How Much Does it Cost?

Graduate tuition at Portland State University for 1 credit is over $300.

Graduate Tuition for 3 credits at HOL is $285 for 400 and 500 Level classes.  Clock hours are also available.