Is online for me?

1. Seeing my teacher and other students is:

A - Not very important to me. I am fine with emailing my instructor.
A2- Crucial, I would want to make sure that I collaborated with other people when taking this class.
B - Important to me, but I don't want to ask some colleges to take the class with me. I prefer to take classes with people I do not know.

2. I am the type of person that:

A - Is able to prioritize tasks, and get them done without needing reminding.
B- Needs frequent reminders to turn in assignments.

3. When I get an assignment I prefer to:

A - Read it myself and figure out the instructions for myself, asking for help if I need it.
B - Have someone explain it to me.

4. My motivation for taking classes online is:

A- Moderate or High - I want to learn new skills, feel more confident, and move up the pay scale at work, or keep my license active.
B - Low

5. The amount of work I have to take these classes is:

A - I can put aside one to two hours a week, just like I would if I were attending a class at a university. Actually, it would take me 30 minutes to drive, bike or take the bus to and from class, so I will put that time into working on this course.
A2 - I really do not have the time to take this class, but maybe I will this summer.

If you mostly answered A's, you are ready to take a course right now.
If you mostly answered A's and A2's, you need to talk to some people before signing up, or plan on taking online classes at a later date. I recommend that you write something on your calendar right now, so you do not forget!
If you mostly answered B's, online learning might not be right for you at this moment.

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