Sentence Frames

Thank you for being interested in my sentence frames for reading time. They are just one part of what makes reader's workshop run smoothly.

Here is a question for you: Why isn't teaching reading to ESL students as easy as the ABC's?

Imagine this . . . it is readers and writers workshop time. After a mini-lesson, students choose their activities. Within a minute, everyone is on task. Some students are reading with a partner. They are sharing the book, reading so quietly you have to lean in to hear them. When you say it is time to switch, they want to read just one more page.

You are working with a strategy group. You have four students learning how to find the main idea. They are learning to use a complete sentence to explain a main idea. They are gaining the skills they need for high-stakes tests. While you work with them, the rest of your class is engaged in reading and writing. You are not managing them. They have learned to manage their own behavior!

This was an amazing course and I learned so much more then I thought I would. I have heard a lot of great things about the assigned reading, “The Daily 5,” but never thought it would be as great as it turned out to be.

-Amy F.

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NOTE: If you have a readers workshop running smoothly in your classroom, or independent reading time, and want help in find tuning that time, check out the class Literacy Cafe.

Kids Will Love to Read and Write is straight forward.
No Jargon. Just easy strategies that are proven to work.

Sentence Frames for Partner Reading - Daily 5

Most of my students are ESL students. As they are learning English, it is helpful for them to have sentence frames. I started by just using the sentence frames with my ESL students.  Then noticed that all of my students had more interesting conversations during partner reading when they followed the sentence frames. Even my native English speakers were having more complex conversations. My students were not forgetting to summarize.

Here is the "Director's Page" I use with my students. The page stays with the person who is reading the book. You can choose to let students read a page at a time of the book before using the Director's page, but I would start with 1 paragraph. As always, you must model, model, model if you want students to follow the sentence frames.

I am hoping to actually get permission to video tape two of my students doing partner reading so you can see what it looks like in action.

Partner reading - Director's Page
Directions: Using EEKK go back and forth reading 1 paragraph at a time. The person who is reading keeps this page.

Bold - What the reader says
Italics - What the listener says

After the paragraph 
What interesting words should we write on our list?
Lets reread the 3 sentences (1 before, sentence, 1 after) and see if we can make a hypothesis of the meaning.
I think the word means _______________. 
Let's both write that down.

What is the main idea of this paragraph? 
I believe the main idea is _____________.
I agree. Here's the book and the director's page. Will you please read a paragraph?

I am not sure if I agree with you. Here - you reread the paragraph and we will try again to see if we can agree. Here's the book and the director's page.

End of reading time

Thanks for working with me today. I appreciated it that you __________.
Me too. I enjoyed it when you __________________.

Would you like to put away the book, or would you like me to?