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This was an amazing course and I learned so much more then I thought I would. I have heard a lot of great things about the assigned reading, “The Daily 5,” but never thought it would be as great as it turned out to be.
-Amy F.

This is my first online course I have taken from The Heritage Institute.  I found the format and flexibility very appealing. 
I also thought the teacher was supportive and thorough.  She responded promptly to my emails and assignments.  Her assignments were all applicable assignments that a working teacher could learn and grow from instead of busy work without a  purpose.  I was very pleased.
-Wendy S.

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I have gained a wealth of knowledge related to Editing through The Everyday Editing class. One of the most important ideas that I learned was the four tenets of effective instruction. I appreciated that opportunities for social interaction among students during lessons was encouraged. I agreed that students should be given opportunities to discuss, manipulate, and practice together vs. completing numerous worksheets/tasks independently.
-Melissa M.

I purchased The Daily 5 about a year ago, intending to read it during the summer. At last a user friendly, step-by-step, realistic book about teaching literacy that I could use with first graders.

Watching the videos was extremely helpful.  It was so helpful to see it modeled and to see the calm, thorough pace they had set.  Since we don’t get out to other classrooms to observe, this is the next best thing.  I don’t think I would have taken the time to watch these if it hadn’t been a component of the class and I would never have known what a great resource the videos are.  I also appreciate that the assignments are reflective.  I processed some new ideas while writing my responses.  And then I tried them out right away. 
-Pati B.

The most helpful parts of the Saving Time course were the required exercises. Taking a closer look at how I spend my time each week, opened my eyes to seeing that I am not using my time wisely outside of work. It was also very helpful to pinpoint my energy boosters, so when I am in the middle of working on a task, or in the middle of a busy day, I can turn to one of these things to give me an extra spark to finish the job.
- Sara R.

I have thoroughly enjoyed taking this class.  I liked it so much that I sped through the assignments.  I hope to take more classes from you.  I feel that I learned a lot and that the material was useful and not just a bunch of hoops to jump through.  You gave a fair amount of work, and it was work that will improve both my life at school and my life at home.
-Anne M.

Most Popular Class

When I enrolled in the Saving Time Course I hoped to find some practical tricks and tips for time avoiding wastes of time. What I ended up learning was not magical, but it was very helpful. I ended up learning a whole new way to conceptualize time.                          -Jed W.

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When I registered for the class, “Kids Love to Read and Write”, I expected and hoped to gain knowledge, ideas, and techniques that I could implement in my classroom to help my students become better readers and writers.

As I have progressed in this class, I have learned many of the things I had hoped I would learn.  I have learned how to guide and teach the students in my class to be independent while I work with other students in a small group setting.  This information will help me make better use of the reading time I have with my students.   I feel that my class will get more accomplished during the time that we have together.  I have learned how to help my students make decisions and take more control of their own learning.  I have learned how to provide a variety of reading choices that will help my students become better readers and enjoy the reading and writing process.  -Lisa C.

The writing course design is open-ended enough that it meets all kinds of learning needs. The “menu approach” to synthesizing what we read and showing our thinking effectively reaches the learning needs of a range of teachers. The structure, for me, proved not too loose and not too tight. Personally, I found the option to design mini-lessons to be the most helpful assignment. - Kara E.

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