Collaboration Guidelines

Don't work alone . . .

Why take an online class alone, when you can take it with your friends?

Research supports what teachers already know: working collaboratively with other teachers enhances professional development. Working together enhances your relationships, makes you feel part of a team and is fun!

Make your learning experience in a collaborative group as effective as possible by observing the following guidelines:

1.    Each group member must be registered for University credit. 

2.   The group should contain no more participants than the number of assignments in the course, up to a maximum of eight (8) in each group.

3.   Each group member will individually complete the required reading for each assignment as well as, where applicable, the classroom project(s) applying learning to their professional situation. Each member must also author at least one (1) written assignment. 

4.   Each group member will author their own unique Integration Paper.

5.   There should be a minimum of four (4) group meetings during which the course content is discussed.

6.   To receive University credit:

     a) each participant must attend at least 75% of the group meetings
         (e.g., a minimum of
3 if you have 4 meetings).
     b) the group leader must complete and email/mail to the Instructor the
         Collaboration Documentation Form at the time participants
         submit their Integration Papers (the final assignment).

Thank you for observing these guidelines. We wish you a beneficial learning experience while studying curriculum offered by Luria Learning through The Heritage Institute in a collaborative group.

If you would like to print these Guidelines, CLICK HERE and a one-page PDF document will be downloaded.