Online Resources Organization

Here are some resources you can use for organization in the classroom.

Managing Volunteers and Classroom Tasks
- I use this webpage to manage all of my parent volunteers. I can even post all of my homework on student pages. When a parent signs up to volunteer, they receive automatic email reminders before the event. Every parent can see when a task is open and when it needs to be filled. Even though I teach in a school that is 86% free-reduced lunch, I have found this website to be very effective. It is a great way of managing volunteers and events, and it's free.

Make a classroom website for $10.
Through Google apps, you can make a classroom website for $10 a year. You have your own domain name (that is the part that costs $10). The program is very easy to use. If you can email, you can create your own website through this application. Through Google Apps, you can have up to 50 email addresses that you set up for your students. You have access to their emails, can change and manage their passwords, and give them access to Google documents. You can click here to see the website that I set up for my classroom.

Managing Files Online
Google Docs - I like to have access to my documents both at school, at home, and when I travel. By using Google Docs I can access all of my documents, including PDFs anywhere I have internet access. The program is completely free and will work on both a Mac computer and a PC computer. Here is a tour of the program to give you more information.

Managing Pictures Online
There are many free sites online for managing pictures. One website that you might like is Picasa. Here is a tour of that website:

Another site that many people like is Kodak Gallery. This site is free if you order photos from it on a regular basis. Here is information on that website:

Safe Way to Organize You Tube Videos
School Tube is a safe way you can organize videos online. It is designed specifically for both teachers and students. All of the videos on the site have been approved by a moderator and are "school friendly."

American Association of School Librarians top 25 Websites for teachers
You will find in this list all sorts of websites for helping you manage pictures, youtube videos, set up self-guided web tours for your students and more. Each website listed has a description about how you might use the website and information about what standards the websites support.

Visual Links to many different types of education websites
All My Faves organizes websites for teachers by topics. From one page you can link to a variety of dictionaries for students, maps, crafts and many other different types of sites.

Make checklists for you and your students
Sometimes students (and teachers) need a check-off chart or checklist. The standards website does the formatting for you. You can type in daily goals and a start date and the site will generate a printable chart for you, or your students.